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Founded in 1982 by Dario Bolognesi, Studio Bolognesi | Corporate Criminal Law Firm has provided advice and assistance in the criminal law field for three decades.

Today it is characterised by the experience gained in a range of criminal cases, including economic, corporate (bankruptcy, tax and financial) and environmental.

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Studio Bolognesi also provides advice and assistance in relation to the criminal corporate liability under the Italian Legislative Decree n. 231/2001. Since 2002 the Firm has prepared numerous corporate organizational Models for leading international companies in the industrial and pharmaceutical sectors, which have enabled clients to avoid sanctions and pass scrutiny by the Authorities.

Crimes against Public Administration, administration of justice, individuals and property and crimes provided by The Environment Consolidated Act are also included in the Firm’s areas of expertise. Studio Bolognesi has assisted and advised corporations and individuals before lower and higher Italian Courts, as well as before the European Court of Human Rights.

The Firm includes a civil and an administrative law department, dedicated to providing the necessary support to a team of criminal law Attorneys, when multidisciplinary assessments are needed in dealing with ongoing criminal proceedings.

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Our team of Attorneys and trainees make us of cutting-edge technologies, which facilitates their communications and research activities.

Our passion for a scientific approach to law, enriched by experience and knowledge of practices, distinguishes the professionals working at Studio Bolognesi, many of whom boast specialisations in particular topics acquired at University.

Thanks to our team of professionals, the Firm has achieved significant results, appreciated both in Italy and abroad.

The Firm has offices in Milan, Rome, Bologna and Ferrara.